Jason Markowicz


“You can get everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

I’ve always loved being active and being around other people striving for the same goal, so I’ve always been very involved in sports and fitness. I played baseball and basketball, and was a three-year All American in football. When I graduated from with a business degree, I wanted to find a way to apply it toward my passion for fitness. I was able to work with a health club chain right out of college, where I found that balance between business experience and engagement with fitness. Eventually my wife Kelley and I had an opportunity to own and operate our own Fitness Premier location, and we have since opened and operated over 25 more locations, learning countless lessons along the way .

I have at one time or another during the past 15 years worked every position that we have at Fitness Premier, from front desk to sales to kids’ room to training to cleaning crew. In that time I’ve realized that people want to feel appreciated and feel like they are making a difference in themselves and others, and they also want to feel connected. I personally find it much more enjoyable creating success with others, and I’ve seen enough to know that many other people feel the same. Our clients and members give us the trust to help them with their health and wellness needs on a daily basis. I take that responsibility very seriously and I am very grateful that they allow us to be a part of their fitness journey, and allow us to share in creating their success.


Kathy Mecklenberg

Regional Operations Director

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

I started with Fitness Premier as a member, when my husband Darin and I joined in 2005. Although I’d been very active in sports all throughout school, by 2005 I’d worked in management for 10 years before choosing to be a stay at-home mom and focus on things like school committees, organization boards, and being a Girl Scout leader for our local troop. After we became regulars at the Bourbonnais Fitness Premier, a manager approached me about possibly working there.

I started in Bourbonnais as a part-time kid’s room attendant. From there, I fell in love with Fitness Premier and what we stand for, and just kept moving up, from kid’s room attendant to cleaner to manager of the Bourbonnais location. And now I work out of the corporate office as the Regional Operations Manager.

My own journey within Fitness Premier has been a long and rewarding one, and I love being a part of our members’ and staff’s journeys , too.

other people feel the same. Our clients and members give us the