5 Reasons You Should Work With a Personal Trainer

August 3, 2023

You’ve decided you’re ready to commit to your best self. You’ve set goals and marked your calendar, but when you walk into the gym you’re not quite sure where to begin. Or maybe you’ve been a Fitness Premier member for a while now, but you’ve hit a plateau. You’re not seeing the progress you once did, or working out has simply lost some of its spark. Whether you’re at the start of your fitness journey, in the midst of it, or coming off of a break, our personal trainers are here to motivate you to move.

A study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that 73% of the participants who spent 10 weeks working with a personal trainer showed an increased commitment to movement. Here are five reasons why working with a professional can have a lasting impact on your health:


We’re not born knowing how to exercise or design a complete workout program, but our certified personal trainers have spent years learning both. They will coach you on proper body mechanics, progressive programming, and safe exercises that get you to where you want to be.


Our personal trainers have the expertise to create a program that is unique to your body and fitness goals, so you can get the results you’re after. Our trainers can also work with any limitations you may have to both prevent injuries and meet you where you are with programming that’s effective and fun.


Having an appointment with a personal trainer (or any fitness buddy) significantly increases the likelihood that you will show up and put in the work. Creating consistency through a manageable exercise routine is the key to long-term success, so our personal trainers are pros at creating programs that take your goals and schedule into account.


Many of our members think they need to be in shape before meeting with a trainer and end up lacking motivation or getting hurt because they’ve pushed themselves too hard. We believe the exact opposite. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for a new challenge, or training for an event, we encourage you to get help from our educated personal trainers to set realistic goals, develop good workout habits, and avoid setbacks due to injury.


We like to pair these two together. We all need a little extrinsic motivation, especially when things get hard. Nobody said meeting your goals wasn’t going to get a little uncomfortable as you push your limits, which is why fun is such an important ingredient. When something is fun, we’re more likely to stick to it. Our personal trainers know that and strive to keep programs exciting and interesting because the journey to your goals should be just as fun as meeting them!

The best part? Personal training doesn’t last forever, which is why it can be beneficial throughout your fitness journey. Our personal trainers are ready to help evaluate, advise, and challenge you at any stage!