Personal Training

Our approach to personal training at Fitness Premier is built around the five components
of fitness:


We’ll help you increase the amount of calories you’re burning, with varying techniques that include interval training, functional training, calisthenics, and plyometric training.


We’ll show you how to burn even more calories and how to avoid “fitness plateaus” by augmenting your cardio with resistance training.


We’ll lay out an exact meal plan to ensure you’re getting not only the proper amount of food, but also the right nutrition. You’ll also have access to a nutrition coach to make sure you stay on course.


We’ll maximize your workouts by making sure you’re replenishing your body and muscles with the nutrients and protein that you’re losing during your workouts.


Our professional trainers will put all these components together in a plan that makes sense to you. They’ll be responsible for guiding your workouts and getting you to your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. For your reference, you’ll also get a full printout outlining everything that you and your trainer discuss regarding fitness plan, including your health goals, your particular health risks, your internal health age, and three-dimensional images of what your body looks like now and what your body will look like when you reach your goal.