Get Fired Up With

9 Virtual Classes







FP STRONG is your action packed barbell class to get you lean, toned, and STRONG. Using light to moderate weights, high repitions, and energy to get your working the most muscles possible!

FP KiCK is a cardio compelling, kickboxing inspired workout. Relieve stress by kicking, punching, and jumping like a fighter! No experience required for this heart bumping 30-minute blaster!

FP X is a 60-minute cross training class designed to focus on all levels of functional fitness. Challenge yourself to take your training to the next level.

FP QUiCKFiX is a full body circuit-style workout that will have you toning your muscles. Maximize your calorie burns with this quick and efficient class that drives results.

FP YogaFLOW is designed for all skill levels to find their FLOW. You’ll strengthen your muscles and leave the class feeling centered. These 60-minute classes will improve your body, mind, and your life.

FP SPORT is our athletic conditioning class designed to help you move and train like an athlete. Work on your strength, agility, and speed in this power-packed 30 minutes class!

FP MOBiLiTY is the foundation of all movement. Increase your range of motion, correct imbalances, and reduce the risk of injury with this 30-minute class.

FP ABS is a core-based workout. Focused on building the foundation of your body while strengthening all muscle groups. This 3-minute ab-blaster will light you up and make you stronger than ever before!

Maximize your calorie burn with FP HiiT – The High Intensity Interval Training workout you’ve been waiting for! HiiT will utilize bodyweight excercises to increase your speed and intensity during your workout. This 30 minute class drives real results – FAST.