How Our Premium Gym Gives Back and Supports Communities

April 9, 2024

Our premium gym stands out not only for our exceptional fitness facilities but also for our unwavering dedication to the communities in which we operate.

Going beyond the traditional role of a 24/7 gym, Fitness Premier actively engages in initiatives that uplift and support local neighborhoods. 

Under the leadership of Jason Markowicz, founder and CEO, we have cultivated a culture of giving back, that is ingrained in our core values. As Markowicz puts it, “Our commitment to community giving is not just a corporate value – it’s part of who we are.”

Join us as we explore how Fitness Premier Clubs extends our reach beyond the gym walls, embodying a holistic approach to community wellness.

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Community Engagement During the 2023 Holiday Season

During the festive season of 2023, we demonstrated our commitment to community service through a series of impactful initiatives. Across our entire franchise system, we united to lead local food drives and Toys for Tots collections as part of our concerted effort to give back to our communities.

Our work this past holiday season was an embodiment of the belief that community wellness encompasses far more than just physical fitness. 

Markowicz emphasizes, “We believe that community wellness comes from so much more than just fitness, and we strive to play an integral role in supporting that wellness from all angles.”

These initiatives not only provided immediate assistance but also fostered a sense of unity and solidarity within the communities we serve. By actively engaging in these efforts, we demonstrated our commitment to being a force for positive change, enhancing the well-being of individuals and families beyond the confines of the gym.

A Spotlight on Fitness Premier Clubs Franchise of Blue Ridge, Georgia

Tommy Phillips, the operator of the Blue Ridge club, recognized the unique challenges faced by his community. As Blue Ridge experienced rapid growth, a gap emerged between its high-income residents and low-income families. Phillips observed that while the affluent population thrived, many low-income neighbors were left underserved.

In response, our gym club in Blue Ridge initiated a food drive aimed at supporting families in need. Phillips and his team identified this as an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of their neighbors. 

He remarked, “We have an opportunity to give that support. You don’t see the need as much in the downtown area, but I see families in need as I drop my kids off at school and go to other school-related activities.”

The success of the food drive surpassed expectations, with the Blue Ridge location collecting a substantial amount of food for distribution to families in the surrounding area, just in time for Thanksgiving. This initiative, which was launched mere months after the club’s opening, demonstrated the profound impact that a dedicated community-driven approach can achieve.

Join Our 24/7 Gym

If you’re seeking a community-focused fitness experience, consider joining Fitness Premier Clubs. Our commitment to giving back and supporting communities sets us apart, offering members the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Contact Fitness Premier franchise now to learn more information about joining our wellness movement and giving back.