Our Premium Gym’s Inclusive Partnership: Fitness Premier Clubs Transform Lives

October 9, 2023

In the modern world, where health and wellness are increasingly in the spotlight, our premium gym is taking a unique approach to making a real difference.

Fitness Premier Clubs is about so much more than weightlifting and treadmills; we aim to prioritize a commitment to our communities, a dedication to underserved populations, and a vision of inclusive fitness that extends far beyond the conventional gym experience.

At the helm of this remarkable venture is Mike Orwig, Vice President of People Development for Fitness Premier, who also wears the hat of owner/operator of the Manteno location. Working closely alongside him is Amanda Ducharme, the club manager and trainer at the Manteno gym. These two individuals are not just providing fitness; they are also transforming lives and nurturing dreams.

In a groundbreaking partnership with Manteno High School, Mike Orwig and Amanda Ducharme are pioneering a program that caters to the unique needs of special needs students. Their goal is clear: to make fitness and wellness accessible to everyone, irrespective of their abilities.

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Our Premium Fitness Club’s Vision

While many fitness centers focus solely on profit margins and membership numbers, Fitness Premier’s vision extends far beyond the confines of your everyday gym.

The essence of Fitness Premier’s vision lies in bridging the gap between premium fitness services and communities that often find themselves on the periphery of such offerings. They understand that fitness is not a luxury but a fundamental right, and it’s their unwavering commitment to this belief that sets them apart.

“It has been a priority of mine since I started with Fitness Premier to do something to partner with the schools. We’ve done a good job of marketing to teachers and their families and providing different programming for them, but we haven’t been able to reach out to the special needs families,” explained Orwig.

“It has been an idea that we just never landed, but Manteno High School has jumped on board with us, and it gives me goosebumps to think about what this could grow into. This has already been life-changing.”

Partnering with Manteno High School

Partnering with Manteno High School became the pivotal moment that allowed our 24/7 gym to step into uncharted territory. Manteno High School, recognizing the potential for something extraordinary, joined hands with Fitness Premier to make this vision a reality. It’s a partnership that transcends the confines of the gym, embracing the values of inclusion, support, and community spirit.

In this unique partnership, Fitness Premier of Manteno is hosting four adaptive physical fitness sessions per week, with four special needs students in each session. These sessions, led by Amanda Ducharme, the club manager and trainer at the Manteno gym, are a vital component of Manteno High School’s transition program.

Beyond mere exercise, these sessions are designed to empower the students by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to perform daily activities more easily and confidently.

premier fitness inclusive partnership

A Truly Inclusive Gym Club

The story of Fitness Premier’s commitment to inclusive fitness and its partnership with Manteno High School is a testament to the transformative power of community, empathy, and dedication. In a fitness landscape that often emphasizes exclusivity, Mike Orwig and Amanda Ducharme, backed by the Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs franchise, are redefining what it means to be a premium gym.

Find the Fitness Premier Club nearest to you and experience the premium services they offer. You’ll not only get access to top-notch fitness equipment and expert trainers, but as one of our members, you’ll also be supporting a company that believes in making fitness accessible to everyone.

Don’t wait; join now! Your fitness journey begins with that first contact. Reach out to Fitness Premier Clubs today, and let’s make a positive change together.